Spring is Here

I give up on winter this year. I guess I have to wrap my head around the fact that spring is here to stay. I guess I can focus on these mums and imagine how soon fall will return.

I am not sure why I don't like spring and summer but part of it is because I live right in the city.

The moment the weather warms, people are everywhere. And they go shirtless and wear sandals. I don't want to see peoples feet. And I don't live in Miami so most of the bare bodies you see should be cloaked from head to toe.

One of the things I most hate about warm weather is the noise. Why do people feel the need to blast the radios in their cars. And the bass drives me crazy.

Especially when they have to park in front of my house at 2:30 in the morning with their windows wide open. My walls were vibrating last night.

It is a big city though and this is part of the price you pay to live here.

It sure makes me yearn for a small place down a long country lane.

But then I would miss the energy I am surrounded by from city living.

Fortunately, when I am in my back gardens the city noises fade away.

Maybe I should start sleeping out there.


You have an ANTI-foot fetish, do you?
Suporna Sarkar said…
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Marigold said…
Snicker ... anti-foot fetish. I love it! :) Those guys with the blaring bass... The Goatmother and Goatfather used to encounter them all the time in CA. They call them 'Thunkers'.(Don't confuse that with 'Thinkers' 'cuz I doubt there's any of that going on there. :)) Can't believe you are so far ahead of us into Spring. Crocus are about as far as we've come.
Nothing like that over here. Sometimes I think its just too quiet here :-) :-) :-)
Even when my neighbor had a moving in party just outside my open bedroom window I couldn't hear anything at all :-) :-) :-)

Beautiful photographs!

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Having lived right in the middle of a city , Louisville,KY and moved out here to Kitsap Co. and a fairly rural place, I do miss the city. I loved to be able to walk to shop , eat, and just roam around. We are here because of money. When we came to the Seattle area, houses were priced VERY HIGH!! It was a few years before the housing bubble burst! and Seattle was very expensive ! I do miss the city but here things like mountains and water make up for the things I miss about the city.
Pricilla said…
I know a quiet place......
laurie said…
maybe you and Teddy could snuggle up under the potting bench.
Its lovely o see the start of soring signs.Gives me hope!
You have such a unique shaped house, ( does that sound right) I love the style, it looks almost european, you have a lovely spot and i understand the city energy of which you spoke.I lived 47 years in the country, the last 8 I have lived in this condo in the heart of a smallish city 80,000 people. I love being close to libraries , mueseums, the art gallery, the parks, shopping at the deli, its good energy. I understand what you mean.I wouldn't have known that 8 years ago.You are so lucky to have your haven of a back garden.
LindaG said…
It's not just that they do it in the spring and summer, they roll their windows down because the weather is nice.

You'd be surprised at how much the windows actually block. :/

Love all the pictures you have shared with us today. :-)
I do miss the great food shopping in big cities, but nothing else. I like hearing only the frogs when I walk outside at night. It's time for country living, like 5 miles from a big city.
petoskystone said…
I love spring, hate summer. Every screeching person within 3 city blocks must needs yell at the time of their lungs :/ I don't want to hear your conversation, don't want to have your basketballs slamming against my wall driving the dogs to distraction, & if I wanted to listen to the window-jarring music you insist on playing while cleaning out your car, I would do....
Guillaume said…
Spring is already in full bloom here. Amost too early. And I got a nasty cold.
You are funny: how can you not like spring and summer???? But you do give your reasons, I must admit. You should be here: it was sooo cold today and has been for the last few weeks. We are not used to this! Oh for spring is all I can say!!!
I hear you. My favorite season is AUTUMN, hands down. I used to love the hustle, bustle of the city when we lived in Chicago. But not in the summer. I think you solved your problem, though. HEAD to your back gardens and STAY put. Let those city noises fade away... hang in there. Take care.
Ina in Alaska said…
No such bursting blooms here. Some roofs are collapsing around town due to snow loads (our house should be ok). In spite of that we have had some respite from snow & the sun is shining! "Break-up" (local term for melting of all the snow) is going to be a doozy. I have decided to get a cool pair of rubber boots!

I agree with you about people covering their non-Miami bodies up. And how about the folks who wander out in their PJs!! Cannot stand it!!
tender spring beginnings.

hope Teddy is doing better. i have been praying for her and lighting candles...
injoyinmylife said…
I know we've discussed this before, I'm a spring/summer lover. I do however simply adore autumn too. Winter, not so much. I certainly understand where you are coming from though. I hope this spring treats you well though.
Joy said…
I am sooo ready for spring! We came home to snow and rain last night in Istanbul. Yuck! Hope we see some spring flowers soon.