Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Weather

 This is one of the things I love most about Fall.  Open doors and windows!  It's wonderful to cook with the doors wide open. We haven't had much Fall weather here but we got two days of it over the weekend and I enjoyed every second of it. Click for a closer look at the bronze bat hanging above my door.

 I made my friend a huge platter of eggplant parmesan with the last of the seasons eggplants.

 And I made her kids a Fall treat basket with apples and homemade caramel sauce.

As The Blog Tech and I travel from festival to festival, we pick up jars of local apple butter.  This is the land of apple butter so we find it everywhere.  Yesterday I baked bread and he took it along with jars of apple butter to feed it to the kids at the local community center.  It was their first day there for this term.  None of them had ever had apple butter before and were very reluctant to try it.  But, they trust The Blog Tech so they dug in.  Now they have a new favorite snack...they loved it!  I see a lot of bread baking in my future.

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Witch Hats

 Yes, I am still making witch hats.

 They are getting fancier as I go along.

 This one has a crow perched in a nest.

 And a spider dangling from a web.

 And Fall flowers on the back.

 It has a rhinestone and lace edge.
And a big spider crawling among the leaves.
 I have witch hats all over my house.

There will be lots of fancy witches out there this year.  I gave them brooms too. Ever woman should have a proper witch hat and a sturdy broom.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Farm Tour

 The Blog Tech and I left early on Saturday morning to go on a farm tour.  It was 40 degrees and pouring rain.  You can see that the leaves are just beginning to change.

 We went to our favorite farm first.

 I want this place.

 This fire was very welcoming because it was COLD!!!

 What a wonderful way to convert a tree stump into art.

 And when you have a tree limb like this you just have to use it.

I felt bad for the vendors. They were all freezing.
What a wonderful barn.  We didn't last long because we were soaked and freezing.  The farm tour was aborted.
 On the plus side, we found this market on our way home.

 They gave their pumpkins and gourds the cutest names.

 Pumpkin heaven.

 They had a bumper year of peppers too.  They still have fields of them growing. What a wonderful stone farmhouse in the background.

 We saw lots of nicely decorated farms as we drove through the countryside.

 And we saw some scary stuff too.

We stopped at a smoke house.

 And we just had to try the Burger King Halloween whopper.  It's not very good and it turned our teeth black.  We threw it out after we each took a bite.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Witch Hats

My friend Laurie from http://ilovedacloudyday.blogspot.com/ has the cutest granddaughter who right now loves all things witch.  Since I think everyone should have a proper witch hat, especially little girls, I made them some.
Witch hat making is messy.

But it sure is fun.

One of them has a skull hiding in the leaves on the peak of the hat.

And a crow sitting next to mushrooms in it's nest.

More mushrooms.

And a pumpkin of course.
On the right of this hat, a spider hangs on a rhinestone string.

Side view.

The hats shipped and arrived and are ready for their adventure.  Happiness in a hat. Everyone can use a little magic in their lives.

I am working on some others that I will show you soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pioneer Festival Part ll

 There were lots of nice crafts at the fair.  These baskets were tempting.

 Click on the photos for a closer look.

 I could set up my own maple syrup booth. I still have lots left from sugaring off season last spring.

 This woman had some wonderful items for sale.

 Look at her felted creatures.

 Kids could go on pony rides,

 And there was a pumpkin patch!

 This was a strange little display.

 Right next to it were these two pioneers making beautiful music playing crystal glasses. It was quite impressive.

 The strange place had a miniature mummy mermaid on display along with all sorts of other oddities.  I am sure little children were mesmerized/horrified by it all.

 Lots of the participants camp out for the weekend in pup tents on the grounds.

 These ladies look like they are having fun.

 Roasted turkey legs.  We bought a scotch egg but it wasn't very good.  Scotch eggs are such a treat that I hate it when they aren't good.

 These rocking horses were really special and expensive. The cheapest ones were around 600.00 but most were 1500.00 and higher.

 I bought this from the felter for some of my little friends.

 The headless horseman.