Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Festival

 I just loved this old spinning wheel which I saw at the festival.

 There were lots of pelts for sale.

 Roasted turkey legs!

 And a proud turkey legs seller.

 A vintage copper bathtub.

 More theater.

 This woman had some interesting pieces.

 Painted gourds.

 Fall decorations.

More pelts.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Another Festival

 The second festival had people dressed in period garb.

 It was held in the woods.

 We went straight to the candy apple table to buy some for my husband. He is a big fan of these apples. They are dipped in caramel, then chocolate and decorated with nuts or sprinkles.  They come in all sorts of flavors.

 A piper.

 A lot of people playing bagpipes.

 A drummer.

 Gypsy dancers.

 There was a small pumpkin maze for children.

 And pony rides too.

 Gourds and pumpkins for sale.

 Buggy rides.


Click for a closer look.  This woman was weaving yarn through this frame she made to make a picture.  More tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Festival Part ll

 The first festival we went to always has vintage cars on display.

 I had to take a bunch of pics and post these for Leanne and Brent since he just redid this same truck in New Zealand.

 Look at this grill!

 The bed might be my favorite part.

 What a classic.

The farm that hosts this festival is a horse farm.
 Isn't this the perfect limb to hang a swing from?

 The farmhouse.

 Handmade wooden ornaments.


The chainsaw artist at work.  I'll show the second festival tomorrow.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall Festivals Begin

 I was AWOL for a few days because I was at festivals!  I thought I would stick in this pic to show you how Teddy starts her mornings laying by her pumpkins.

 The first festival we went to is held on a gorgeous farm surrounded by fields of corn, hay and soybeans.

My favorite part of this farm is the towering evergreens.
 All of these were made with a chain saw.

 They have lots of animals including these alpacas.

 A bunny hutch.
 And the cutest chicken coops.

 A bunny.

 Click to enlarge any photo.

 I love how they decorated this shed.

 Booths are set up all over the farm.

 The name of this booth is cute.

 Tables made from trees.

 Gourds and pumpkins for sale.

 If you buy a piece of art.... get a free kitty!  I donated but passed on the cat.  Teddy and cats do not mix. I have tons of photos to sort through and will show you lots more over the next couple of days.