I Am Going To Spell This Out

This is an assortment of some of my spellbooks. Some people asked where I got the 'Practical Magic' spellbook. Sorry that I didn't address that with yesterday's post. Just after the movie was released, Warner Brothers auctioned off some of the props from the movie. I bought the spellbook and Sally's umbrella (look at the bottom of this post). I have the certificate of authentication. The entire book is illustrated and has spells on almost every page.

This is a very heavy duty spellbook. It has iron hinges and is bound in leather.

This is the first page.

The beginning of the Spells chapter.

It is also very thick.

I have all sorts of published spellbooks. I think of them as being much like cookbooks. You can look at other spells and add a pinch of this and that on your own.

I bought this spellbook in Salem, Mass..

This spellbook has the Green Man on the cover. It is also bound in leather with iron hinges.

A chapter on rituals. These spellbooks have room for you to chronicle your own spells.

And here is Sally's umbrella. It is the one she used when she jumped off the roof at the end of the movie. I haven't tested it out yet!

If you are interested in another recipe see the next post.


Fantastic spell books! and so beautiful pictures in them!
So fun that You bought the spell book after that movie, didn´t know one could do that!
Have a great day now!
Sharon Day said…
Those are amazing finds! It would be neat to collect people's actual spellbooks they kept during their lifetimes. Better than diaries!
Rue said…
My favourite scene in P.M. was that one where they jumped off the roof...well...after Sandy kissing Aidan...

Great finds!
Wow, that is very cool. Love that movie. I created my gated garden in the back yard around that garden. I love telling that to people when my house is on garden tours :)

Thanks so much for sharing!!

KrisMrsBBradley said…
Wow, what a great collection!!
Watcher said…
ooh! those are neat.
Lucie Le Blanc said…
Lucky you to live with so much beauty around you... Those books are treasures. Kisses, dear one.
Danni said…
As a lover of books, these pictures were fascinating to me. What incredibly beautiful books each of your spell books are. They remind me, just a bit, of various journals that I have - each one with a different pattern or eye-catching design and each one just for your private "stuff". Lovely and very intriguing! :-)
Jeanne said…
Love all the Spellbooks ~ especially the one with the Greenman on the front cover.
luna petunia said…
Holy crow! Very cool collections you have!
Love from Luna & a Happy Yule!
Sugar said…
I love those pics! Youre very lucky to have those wonderful items!
faeryprincess17 said…
The 2 larg Grimoires you have posted here are the creations from Brahms Bookworks! I myself have a custom book from home too and I love it!!