Shouldn't a Witch Drive a Batmobile?

A long long time ago when I was in high school, one of the coolest cars to drive was a Camaro. My father was far too practical to buy a car like that . Plus, he also believed the only time any of us kids should drive our cars was if he needed them filled with gas or he needed someone to run an errand. My brother and I were so thrilled to get the car to go to church on Sundays for an hour that when he turned 16 we immediately lost the faith and squeezed as much fun time into that hour as possible. On Ash Wednesday we improvised and gave ourselves ashes from the car ashtray. I always loved cars and dreamed of having one of my own. Over the years I have owned many wonderful cars most of which were always foreign cars. I never even thought about what you are about to see until a few months ago. We had to buy a new "pup-mobile" for Teddy. The old one died after reaching 130,000 miles. Teddy likes to have a roomy mobile kennel so we bought a Suburban which took me into a Chevy dealership for the first time in my life. I was walking through the mechanic's area and I saw a car that stopped me in my tracks. Now I have always been a car person. I love anything with wheels and an engine. I drive by construction sights and drool over the machinery. What was this gorgeous car I had just come upon?

The 2010 Camaro, baby!

My high school dream hit me right between the eyes. This car is going to be a classic. It is the most successful design that Chevy has come up with in years.

And of course I got a standard transmission.

But as nice as it was...

It just screamed to be customized.

I replaced the grills with Luchese black mesh grills. Check out the halogeon halo lights.

Then I tinted the windows.

And then I smoked the rear lights.

And then I added custom made wheels by Donz.

Ahhhh...a thing of beauty. Zoom Zoom Zoom......and no one gets to drive it but me! Just one more reason to get a standard....hehe!!!

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wow...that is some fancy batmobile !!!! PERFECT !
happycrone said…
love love love the new camaro! I used to drive a 1967 Camaro convertable! That was a few years ago now. Still love that car!
Lisa said…
A side of you I didn't see coming. hahaha Love it!
Ooooooooooo, who's getting in touch with their inner Bad Girl? You can go cruizin' now for hotties! Enjoy your new toy (and any boy toy who results!)

(Hee hee, I know you'll just pick up Mr. Jaz from the garden shoppe or somewhere! Still, fantasies are fun . . . .)
Sharlene T. said…
Don't mean to be picky, here, but what exactly did you do for Teddy?...can't seem to see it behind those dark windows...did we forget our purpose for replacing the old clunker when we were dazzled by our childhood misdeeds??? explanation, please, although I completely understand why... 8-)

Twitter SolarChief
LisaDay said…
Fantastic. But where is Teddy going?

What a car!!!!! I hate to admit it since I am a Citroên (almost) fanatic, but I love it!!!
I understand why You bought it!

But unfortunally I have three big dogs (or should I write fortunally :-) )so i can´t have a car like that, or afford it :-) :-) :-)

Take care when You drive it!
OMG, OMG, this is so cool! And the customizing is the best, the very best! Bravo & Congratulations! Zoom, Zoom!

xoxo to Teddy's" MaMa has a New Ride"
Felinae said…
Awesome set of wheels you got there. There is nothing like the rush of seeing a finely tricked out muscle car. Love it, enjoy your ride!

Oh I love when a dream is fulfilled. Awesome wheels lady!!
Celia said…
Fantastic!!! I just love it! Enjoy!! You really know how to celebrate the countdown to Fall!!!! Hee Hee!!!
brokenteepee said…
Does this mean there is a bat somewhere with a broom?

I can drive's a shame I can't drive anymore.

She's beautiful!
Nydia said…
Can you believe I don't know how to drive? I get paralized in streets and roads, just can't. Maybe someday. But your car is awesome, I totally understand why you're in love with it!

Kisses from us.
Rue said…
Holy hot wheels Batman! That is a gorgeous car. A girl has to have her vices.

How much trunk room is in that thing? I hope you can fit some thrift buys in there!
Soraya said…
Wowwwww that's a sweet ride. GORGEOUS! :)
Mystica said…
I enjoyed the post so much because there was so much love from you to the car in that post!!!
that thing is pretty damn cool!
Cindi Myers said…
I understand completely! When I was young my Dad wouldn't let me or my sister drive either one of their cars- EVER! for NOTHING! We rode our bikes everywhere. After I got my first job and saved up my money we went looking and I said NO! I'm going to ride my bike until we find the RIGHT car. My first car was a 1964 yellow mustang (it was 10 yrs old) then 5 years later I had saved enough for my dream car! 1980 BLACK Camaro! I had it ordered in special because it HAD to be Black and with T-Bars....ahhh the memories! That's why this year when the transmission started going out in my VW Beetle and I went into the dealership and he told me he had the perfect vehicle for me and I practical screamed the words "MINIVAN!?" so loud that the other salesmen turned to look. Sigh...after I settled down, I bought it. Hey! my Blue fits in there AND all my estate/tag sale finds and I am very happy with it...well, I was until I read this post. LOL!
You are TOO COOL!
XOXO - Cindi
Suzie said…
Wow! Totally AWESOME!! Congratulations!!!

I went to test drive a car one time with a 4 on the floor (back in the late 60's), and the salesman condenscendingly asked me if I knew how to drive a I ran through the gears, he had the sense to sheepishly admit that he was wrong.

This car is SO you!! And are you aware, that in the photo of the car from the front, it looks like a huge, powerful black cat, eyes half closed, ready to pounce!? Just to play, or attack? I guess that is left to the imagination of the viewer.

I would love to see the faces of the thrift shop owners when you pull up in this baby!

Wishing you MANY happy miles!
Anet said…
WOW! That is an amazing hot ride!
(Thinking a few air brushed witches on the hood would be sweet!)
Unknown said…
That is one beautiful car!