What a Difference a Day Makes!!! Sourdough Success.

I did it! My sourdough worked! I will post the recipe if anyone wants it after I make this a few more times. I might still tweak the recipe a bit.

I hope I can recreate these. I have read hundreds and hundreds of sourdough recipes in this last week or so. I've had a few serious sourdough headaches. But I finally sorted through them in my mind and put together a recipe that worked for me.

This is the crust I was so desirous to create. A good sourdough crust should be thin, crisp but also chewy and it should be covered with blisters.

This is it mama. The perfect sourdough crust.

Look at the texture. This is what makes sourdough stand out from other breads.

I could hardly contain myself when I removed this from the oven. I was dying to cut it to see what it looked like inside.

And the smell! Oh my, the smell. I almost cried.

And then the moment arrived. Time to slice me some bread!

Perfect texture and crumb. I am very happy. It has been a frustrating journey.

This bread is going to be good in so many ways but my favorite is just a slice spread with good butter and a sprinkling of sea salt.

I am now officially out of the curling stone business. At least I hope so!


YOU DID IT !!!!! it looks PERFECT


GREAT pictures btw.

looks like it was worth it too....

it's BEAUTIFUL....and the best part is ...you're out of the curling business

kary and teddy
Anonymous said…
My mouth is literally watering right now. This looks so yummy. Please please please post the recipe. These look great!
You are amazing girlfriend! Absolutely beautiful. We are on our way to sourdough heaven. Can't wait to get started.
brokenteepee said…
I knew you would do it.
Although you could probably make a killing with those curling stones....heh
Rosemary said…
Wonderful looking bread could almost smell it here........will look forward to the recipe.
Sweet, sweet success! Yay!
Cheryll said…
Oh my! It's beautiful! Congratulations...I can't wait to see the recipe.
Wow! Magnificent looking bread, please post the recipe when you have a moment! Have a wonderful day!
Please post the recipe. I can taste it now!
Ann said…
Congratulations on your success. Seriously there were never any doubts that you would get it figured out.
Hoorayyyyyyyyy! "If at first you don't succeed..." and all that jazz. :-)
Suzie said…
Congratulations!!! It it beautiful!!! And I love all of your photos showing the textured surface. . you're becoming quite handy with that camera!

Of course we want to see your recipe! It will give us something to strive for!!

Um. .you do realize that the curling industry is going to be very disappointed. .they saw great possibilities in your creation.
Lois said…
Beautiful. And yummy looking.
Who needs to curl, anyway??? I'm Canadian and never curled a day in my life.
Verde Farm said…
Ok, how can I say a loaf of bread is beautiful? Yet, that is the only word I can think of--it is beautiful. I bet it was so good, warm and wonderful :)
Diane said…
Thanks for your visit it was good to hear from you. I love your blog and I will be back for sure. I have been trying to make rye bread with sour dough and so far have been unsuccessful!! I am looking forward to seeing your recipe, your pictures look wonderful. Diane
petoskystone said…
congratulations! what a beautiful loaf :)
AkasaWolfSong said…
Your loaves look Divine and I'm salivating! Cannot wait for the recipe...I've been a little hesitant to make sourdough but after looking at your photos I may just give it a whirl.

Thanks and Congratulations! :)
Chris said…
Gorgeous!! Practice makes Perfect!! It must be true!
Anonymous said…
TA-DA!!! You go girl. I had no doubt this story would end in perfection.
Rue said…
Nicely done! Sourdough is my favourite bread to eat - but I've never even tried to make it - I'm too intimidated! Yours looks great!
Oh yum!!! This looks absolutely amazing!!!! Theresa