A Patriotic Apple Pie

Phewwww....I got called a racist!  Hahaha...How can you be a racist and vote for Obama?  Go figure!  The main reason for yesterday's post was to give people outside of the USA a cross section look at how people think in our country these days.  So, if you are interested, go back to yesterday and read the comments. I decided to celebrate the victory by making a good old fashioned apple pie.

Use your favorite crust.  I made a pate' brisee. 

I sliced up 3 different types of apples.  I had Jona Gold, Gala and Yellow Delicious.  Mix them with about 1/4 cup of sugar and a few tablespoons of flour.

Roll out your pastry into a circle large enough to fit your pan.  Spray the pan with cooking spray.

Place it in the pie plate.

Press it in to fit tightly.

I love having the measured pastry board so there is no guessing the size.

Add the apples and a few pats of butter.

Place another circle of dough on top.

Crimp around the edges and brush the top with cream.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

Cut some steam vents.

Bake it in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The juice should be bubbling and look thickened.

Let it cool before cutting.

Just a good old fashioned apple pie.

Top with vanilla ice cream or serve with a slice of good sharp cheddar cheese.  Being the ice cream hater that I am, I go for the cheese every time!


Suzanne said…
My mouth is watering!

I was very confused by the racist comment and when I am confused I usually keep my mouth shut.
petoskystone said…
Voting for someone not of your ethnic identity is an interesting definition of 'rascist'. Love your pie board!
brokenteepee said…
Politics and religion....

I'm gonna go milk my goat.
Yummy pie!
Robyn said…
as long as you make breakfast (since I'm a terrible cook) I can talk politics as long as there is no name calling in the group. Go Obama!!
Anonymous said…
well I don't think you would be one to shy away from an argument, I did read a friends blog today and her comments had been disabled by Google blogger (can't remember what exactly was called) anyway they shut her down for her post, they didn't take the post down they (not her) shut the comments off (disabled) , so much for free speech!! She was an American too!
I guess we have the right to free speech as long as we say what they like.
Thats one beautiful pie, I have made your other apple pie with the caramel topping a number of times and its a favorite with our family, I think I'll go make a pie too.
Just remember , we can't please all the people all the time, have a good day,
Yes, how dare you point out that Romney is white? Judge him by the content of his character, not by the colour of his skin . . . . oh, wait, America DID judge him by the content of his character and that's why he's unemployed today. Jeez, I hope he doesn't have to rely on food stamps, the poor bastard.
Barbara F. said…
For those blogging longer than I, was it like this in 2008??? Interesting comments, all of them. And a really great looking apple pie. xo
Ashling said…
Pie looks delicious...and I loved your post of yestrerday!
Guillaume said…
Who is the idiot who sayd you were racist?

Patriotism often leaves me cold, especially American patriotism (just like apple pies, to be honest), but with the re-election of Obama you have every right and every reason to be patriotic.
Now I want apple pie! Yummy!
I enjoyed yesterdays post - you really stirred something there :)
Unknown said…
Have to look back to yesterday! Am so glad I appear to be able to comment on your blog tonight! Honestly, blogger kills me sometimes. Love yr pie - have never glazed with cream before: doesn't it burn? Long live Obama!!
forest said…
I could not find anything racist in your blog yesterday...you expressed your thoughts so much better than I ever could...Why people have such a strong dislike for President Obama, I cannot understand...I think he is our best bet for keeping us out of yet another war...Go! Hilary for 2016! I live in Texas so I'm in the minority voting for a Democrat..Have a great Thanksgiving!
Racist? Really? Could have fooled me!

Love the pie, I'll bet your home smelled delicious!
Nellie said…
Apple Pie is a favorite here! Save us a piece!:)

jaz@octoberfarm said…
You are one of that particular breed of wealthy people who doesn't get that this is a class war not a race war, and are happy to perpetuate the status quo for their own benefit.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oops! sorry...i was in such a rush to publish this shitty comment that i deleted it and then had to drag it out of the trash. i have not gone completely crazy and am now bashing myself!!! hahaha!!! i think as a wealthy person it would have made much more sense if i had supported romney. i am not selfish that way. the comment was let by: mantan calaveras Voodoo-ghoul@blogspot.com
jaz@octoberfarm said…
okay...here is another one that would not show up when i hit the post button:

lynney62 has left a new comment on your post "America at It's Best and a Sausage Stuffed Pancake...":

I'm glad the election is over. I was planning on voting for Obama again (as I did in '08) but after my party tried desperately to remove all traces of God from their platform......I just couldn't stomach it. I've been a Democrat all my life but feel now like my beloved party has "left" me behind.
mxtodis123 said…
I read yesterday's post and comments as well as those of today. I commend you. When I rose this morning and began reading some of my favorite blogs, I found my stomach turning. Such hatred they were spewing. And turning away from blog friends because you're unhappy that your man didn't win? Left me feeling sick inside. I shake my head in bewilderment.
Robin Larkspur said…
Well, hush my puppy!! Went back and read the "racist" comment, and all the others. Goodness, Joyce you really got them going! Congrats on getting such a variety of comments. Since this is your blog, you are naturally allowed to state your own opinions. The fact that you chose to publish the negative comments shows exactly the spirit and truth of your personality. There is never a dull moment here at OctoberFarm, which is one reason we all keep visiting. Now slice me a piece of that good old American Apple Pie and let's salute our President!
I am still overjoyed and the only thing would make me sit still would be a slice of that gorgeous pie. I hope you hand is doing well. I imagine it is!
Looks like you may have lost a few followers..but it's their loss. They will probably sneak back and read your great recipes and then sneak back into the darkness of cyberland. LOL
Marigold said…
You do know how to stir the cauldron, girl. :)
Suzie said…
Oooooh, I SO want a piece of that pie!! But right now, I'm totally bummed, and trying to rise up out of my funk. . I've learned that there is a correlation between gluten and fibro. .so until I find out how much going gluten free helps me, nothing with wheat in it. .I'm trying to rise to the challenge, buying some gluten free flour, and learning how to cook and bake differently, but truthfully, right now, my heart isn't in it yet. .and then there is the hidden gluten, like nuts. .the only safe ones are the ones in the shell, because manufacturers dust the nuts with flour to prevent sticking. .and they add it to oatmeal to "enhance" it. .you never think of how much flour is used, until you can't have it! So someone can have my piece of pie. .sigh. . . As for your post on Wednesday, you really got everyone hopping! I didn't understand the reasoning behind some of the comments either, but then I didn't share their political views to begin with! I often wonder how we appear to the average person living outside the U.S., and I was told from a friend who lives in England, that there, the extreme conservatives are viewed as being as dangerous as the extreme Muslims. Interesting and scary all at the same time. Ok. .I'm off to go look at some more of your luscious recipes that I can't have. .I love to torture myself!! Hahahahah! (but I still love the art of cooking and baking, and will continue do so for everyone else).