I'm a Big Girl Now

 At 6 months I am all grown up. I am a small chow chow.  Freddy and teddy that came before me were big girls.  They weighed around 60 pounds.  I only weigh 30 pounds and will only grow a little bit more.  This makes my family very happy.

 Being small makes lifting me in and out of the car much easier.  Plus, I still look like a puppy.

 You can see how brown my schnozzle is now.  In a few more months it will be totally brown.

My mama says that she is getting her permanent black marker out to take care of this.


MaryO said…
What a sweet face! Winnie you are too adorable!
Anonymous said…
oh that face lol,,,,,,I didn't realize she was that much smaller than Teddy, thats great, easier on your back!!!
Anonymous said…
I didn't know Chows could be that small. She does look rather big though :-)

Have a great day!

Winnie is such a cutie pie. Just look at that adorable little face. How could anyone not love her? She's too sweet.
Rain said…
No Mommy no! :) She's so cute, congratulations on growing up little one. It's not easy!
Susan said…
Honestly, she is the most adorable dog/puppy EVER! What a doll!
Linda said…
Do chows not jump to get into vehicles? I would still have to get her a ramp or steps so I would not have to lift. Then, I could just put the ramp/steps into the vehicle.
She is adorable!!!! I am thinking that since you like to cook and you love Winnie...you might want to rename your blog. "PuppyChow!!"
it's nice to know your weight will make you easier to handle as you get older. permanent puppy size is good.
Oh Winnie, you are a precious girl and are loved regardless of your size!