Winnie and The Blog Tech

 One of Winnie's favorite parts of each day is her visit from The Blog Tech.  As soon as he walks in, he has to sit in the same place and she throws herself right on top of him.

 Only to be distracted when I pick up my camera. The might be a treat involved.

 Oh Blog Tech.....
The Blog Tech does a full body massage.

And Winnie falls straight to sleep.

Winnie's playroom just before bedtime.  She has very busy days!


The JR said…
They are both sweet.
I'm visiting from Laurie's. I wanted to say what a sweet thing you did for our blog buddy Laurie! I'm enjoying your cute photos too! Enjoy your day! Blessings!
Susan said…
Oh, that face! She is so completely adorable. Her playroom looks very familiar...if we could just get them to put all their toys away.
Anonymous said…
So cute :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Very cute Joyce! I love the "playroom", I think our entire house is a playroom! Blog Tech...meanie!!! ;)
Leanna said…
The way she sits for the camera is so sweet. Question, does she try to make herself small and cute for you to notice so she can have a treat? Or is that just the way only one dog(Lucy) I know does it?
From the looks of the playroom, you would think a 2-year-old was living there instead of a puppy.
that's some sweet routine winnie has. love her playroom.