After days of rain my annual beds were looking pretty sad.  My petunias were saturated and eaten by slugs. All of my flowers were suffering, even the couple perennials I had planted.  You can see the delphiniums were broken and hanging upside down.

 I ripped everything out and replaced them with all perennials.

 Fortunately, my favorite nursery still had a good selection.

 I left my sweet potato vines in place since they are growing so well.

 And what is that I see at the end of my garden path?


 In typical Chow Chow fashion, she is reluctant to step on a wet patio.

 She immediately heads out front hoping it isn't raining there.

 I'm anxious to see how the perennials will look when they bloom.

 I planted about 20 of them in 2 beds.

 There are coneflowers, asters, foxgloves and shasta daisies to name a few.

I'll post pics when everything blooms.


Anonymous said…
oh my goodness sakes alive,, I had no idea they sold perennials so big! It took years for mine to become this size, years of nurturing and care,, wow,, they are beautiful! You have had so much rain,, poor Winnie,,,
Susan said…
All that rain is sure hard on annuals - while they are nice in a pinch, they are just not cultivated to hold up. I bet your garden will look amazing, once those perennials take hold! Winnie looks like she wished she could levitate to a dry spot... :)
Yes rain can be both a blessing and a curse really! Why is it so seldom that it is just enough :-) :-) :-)

My Cone flowers died a couple of years ago and I haven't found any new ones, too bad I really like them. I'm pretty sure those flowerbeds will look amazing!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Looks gorgeous.
You picked some great perennials!
While rain is good for plants, too much is too much. I haven’t had to replace any yet, but I have extras in pots when others give up. I saw my first Japanese beatle today so I am sure they will be my next battle.
poor winnie all that rain. that was alot of work to replace all the annuals. but in the end will be more breathtaking.