We had some wonderful snow yesterday as my daughter and I headed north to hit some farm markets.

It was a Winter wonderland.

 The W's enjoyed playing in it.

 Even Santa was covered in snow. Santa and cornstalks, it's that time of year. Just past Thanksgiving but not totally prepared for Xmas.

 Willie comes in occasionally to see if I had any food for him.

 Then he goes right back out to eat more snow.  All this little guy cares about is food.

Each day when The Blog Tech visits, Winnie immediately lays down like this for belly rubs.

I am officially starting my Xmas baking today.  First up.....fruit cakes!


Anonymous said…
Willie came to the right family for sure, cooking smells all the time! Tasty nibbles and homemade food, doggy heaven!
Snow! You must be doing your Happy Dance!
Rain said…
Willie's first snow? I bet he loves it. He's just like Jack, always has food on the brain lol! Your snow photos are beautiful. It's so pretty isn't it? Belly rubs!!! :))
Cottage Tails said…
SNOW! Now I know that made you a very very happy girl.
Lucky duck. All we get are the cold temperatures. I want some snow. I bet the puppies loved their first snow for the season. OMG, Lucy does the same thing with David when he comes home for lunch. She expects a little tummy rub every afternoon.
I want so much to bake but not yet. Soon.
A Casa Madeira said…
Nice to meet your blog.
Guillaume said…
I envy you so much right now.
Dogs love snow; and that is the great difference between us. Well, that and hair.
1st Man said…
That is beautiful!! And yay for you on the first snow. It's magical looking!