Scottish, The Other Side

It seems I am always paying tribute to my Polish heritage so today I am giving a shout out to the other side.


I love being Scottish,  there are so many wonderful things about the culture. And really, who doesn't love a man in a kilt?

One of the reasons Scottish children grow up strong.

Scots provide their own entertainment after a bit of a swally.

We have music like no one else!

And we know who we are.

We also know how to have fun.
Our food is indescribable.  On special occasions we eat ground animal parts mixed with oatmeal and cooked in a sheep's bladder.....Haggis.

But what I am most proud of is that we know how to call out an asshole when we see one.



Infidel753 said…
Once Scotland deploys long-range cabers with haggis warheads, it will become the most feared power in the world.
Susan said…
Although I have managed to avoid having to eat haggis, I love everything else Scottish.
My friend with Scotush heritage loves these, I am scots Irish and Will cherish these.
Scotland Forever, och aye! That Mike Myers quotation is hilarious!
Mystica said…
Love the post. The adjectives are wonderful!
Treaders said…
I'm a Brit and love Scotland, but Connery saw nothing wrong with "slapping women"(as if it were only "slapping"). A man in a kilt any day, but Connery nah, no thanks! Having been on the receiving end of a violent husband, the best I can hope for Connery is he "gets what he deserves" on the other side!
Guillaume said…
I have Scottish blood on my mother's side. That is probably where I got the ginger hairs in my beard, mylove of salmon and the fact that I actually quite like bagpipes.
bobbie said…
Proud Scotswoman here ~ these are great!!!
Valerie said…
Ha-ha! My favorite Scot insult to tRump: Tangerine wank maggot