The Basement Project

First, I will show you some pics of my woods as I walked down to the guesthouse at 6:00 this morning. 

These pics will help to soften the blow of what is to come.

I have to remind myself that this area was once dumpy city lots before I revived it.

Progress on the bathroom!  It still looks scary but the new plumbing is in and the floor will be cemented today.

My future kitchen. of little faith hang in there.  You will be surprised! I've ordered all of my appliances but along with everything else in America, it is back-ordered until mid October.

My very neat mason is back-filling the holes and pouring cement.  The 'Holes from Hell' will be closed today.

And this very neat debris will be gone.

But, as with most old house projects, you always run into surprises and most are not good.  I've had some water in one side of the basement on and off for a while. One of my basement steel doors has rusted to the point that I have to replace it.

After sweeping away a lot of pine needles and leaves, we found that some of the concrete pavers along one side of the house are tilted toward the house itself.  This is never a good thing!

So, tomorrow this entire area will be ripped out and a new sidewalk will be poured.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Halloween basement.  I also hope that I will be able to show much more progress before Halloween is actually here.



Your mason is indeed a VERY neat worker! I love to see that.
bobbie said…
What Debra said!!
Susan said…
What Debra said! It's so true that no job is ever simple. It is going to be some kind of transformation!
Looking forward to see how it all will turn out!

Your woods look so nice and cool!

Have a great day!

I get claustrophobic when I see pipes being under concrete as I fear for them, breaking or leaking and having to be dug up. But, I am deep breathing to get over this fear right now. This is going to be very pretty.
Unknown said…
Yup, all appliances are back-ordered for months, but you don't need them getting in the way anyway. By the time they come in your kitchen will be ready for them and everything will fall into place and look amazing. Can't wait to see the end result.
Kathryn said…
Looking forward to the end result. I bet you are too. 💕
Guillaume said…
Lovely woods. And I love the basement project.
Rain said…
I have loads of faith that you will have a beautiful home by Halloween! :) The progress is actually going really fast!