Thoughts and Wishes

I wish you a wonderful first weekend of Fall!


That bumper sticker says it all!
bobbie said…
S.K. is right, and I LOVED that bumper snicker!!
I agree, the bumper sticker says it all :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Yes, the bumper sticker is pure wisdom and kudos for the person who drives this car, especially if he lives in the US, especially in the Bible Belt. If you read Dead Zone, it is scary how Stephen King foretold Trump. Back when I read it, I thought it was ridiculously far-fetched. Not anymore.
I live smack in the center of The Bible Belt, so would not dare display that sticker. However, I would like to own it and proudly put it on my car. I had a bumper sticker that I dared not display, so I kept it inside a kitchen cabinet where only I could see it. I felt like such a rebel for owning it. That sticker was about being a
Kay said…
I find the title of this post interesting. Every time I hear a politician say "thoughts and prayers" I can feel my eyes roll. It's become a phrase that sounds so meaningless.

And yes, I'm amazed that we have so many selfish Americans who believe Facebook misinformation to CDC or FDA or any other science organization.
Unknown said…
Donald Trump is worse than any horror story ever written and any horror movie ever watched combined. I ask myself every day why he hasn't been arrested. What's taking so long? He shouldn't be above the law. He's dangerous. He's a menace. He's a criminal. He needs to be in jail.