Mushrooms and Roses

I've been squeezing in some garden time between the guesthouse project.  It's been almost a year since this project started and it has kept me so busy that I haven't cooked much, except for the workers, I feed them every day.

I'm not planting much this year either because I just don't have the time. This is the first time in years that I didn't start seeds.

The W's love it when I work in the garden and they are never far from me.

Daylilies are popping up everywhere.

I have a bat weathervane in the raised bed. I let my moneywort go and it is taking over this bed. In other words, Jenny is creeping.

I have a lot of Lily of the Valley plants ready to plant along the side of the house.  Today, the workers are building my outdoor sink in that area so all of them are in pots right now waiting to be planted. I am also enlarging the patio and putting in a new pergola so that area will be busy for a while. I'm installing a new pizza oven which I will be learning to use over this Summer.  Everyone keeps reminding me of how much they love pizza!

My roses are just days away from blooming and there will be a profusion of them when they do.  I will take pics when they are all open.

I've planted roses all around the potting shed.

I suddenly have mushrooms everywhere.

Here's a big one under one of my bleeding heart bushes.

And there are lots of them around my roses.

There are fake ones too.  I've been looking for Boston ferns for my planters but hola, they are expensive this year.  I need about 20 of them and I just won't pay 30.00 dollars for one fern.  I am holding out until the prices come down.

Hi Winnie!

I did plant some of the lily of the valley plants around the potting shed.  The squirrels ate my old ones.  These are some of my favorite perennials and were my mother's favorites too. I;m hoping they will eventually naturalize.

More daylilies and horseradish and rhubarb in the background.

I bought these old shutters at a yard sale 15 years ago and never found a way to use them.  I finally decided to install them on my potting shed.They will be painted and the shed door will be refinished and then I will hang them on either side.

My espaliered apple trees along the fence were hit by frost so there will be no apples this year.


I will show you picks of the patio area once it's finished.



Megs said…
Everything looks so beautiful! I love the shed, and Lillie’s of the valley are one of my favorites. You have the nervy of many people!
My Rare One has a nice patch of lily of the valley in her yard too. Such perfect tiny little blossoms and so powerfully fragrant, out of all proportion to their size! Love them!
Mary V said…
I love your “turns” around the garden. If you ever need to fill in an area try Gooseneck Loosestrife. Invasive but does fill in a big area fast. In fact if you lived next door to me you could have it by the clumps every year. It does travel so be warned.��
FreeDragon said…
Try looking for pots at yard sales. I have gotten several, really big, very nice terra cotta pots that way. They will be much cheaper than the ones in the stores.
Susan said…
I love lily of the valley too. Your garden looks wonderful. How exciting to enlarged the patio and add a pizza oven. The shutters look fabulous on your garden shed. So much lovely character.... Hi to the W's!
Holly said…
I've enjoyed my stroll around your garden and sacred space. Looking forward to your projects progressions.
Leanna said…
Your garden and yard look as if you could meditate and not be bothered. I bet there is complete silence and all you can hear is a little breeze blowing the trees. I do love your gardens.
I sat outside last night trying to watch the eclipse but it was cloudy so I missed it. There was a nice cool breeze blowing and it blew through the trees and made the sounds of waves on a shore. It made me think of Hawaii and it helped me sleep better.
DVArtist said…
Wow! This is just a beautiful yard. You have done such a great job.
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE that garden shed. And be happy about he mushrooms: it's a sign of autumn. Who knows, maybe it will come early this year.
DrumMajor said…
Did you acquire some fill-in dirt that you put around flowers. It seems your mushroom burst is mostly around those areas. Little bitty mushroom spores may have been in that dirt. A beautiful area, complete with mobile fluffy pups! Next you'll have real live Hobbits. Linda in Kansas
Unknown said…
Whoa you've been busy! Your potting shed surrounded by roses and those yard sale shutters is going to look so pretty. And yup, you're going to find yourself making lots of pizzas for everyone once that pizza oven is up and running.