Witches and Toasters

I promised some toaster pics. This is the new toaster. When you push the button the cages sink down with the toast.

These are a few of the vintage toasters.
These are scrimshaw puzzle boxes from Salem.This is an Upton Witch pin tray.

Two bronze witch corkscrews
This is a Petersyn fortune telling cup from Germany.
The witches are hand stenciled around the cupThe inside of the cup shows symbols for telling your fortune. There are skulls, hearts, ships, etc..

This is an antique tambourine from Victorian times.
You can see her witch hat and the stars on her gown. There is also a bat and an owl which didn't show up in the picture.

One of my spellbooks!


Touchatou said…
How wonderful ! The spell book is gorgeous ! As everything else ! Only time I went in the States, I had the chance to go to Salem. I really loved it.
Very cool selections from your witch collection!