doing as much as i can for this time of year!

photos are coming. i am starting out slowly. today i planted carrots, leeks, radishes and more lettuce. i bought 2 raised beds that sit up on legs. i am filling my third raised bed and will start to plant it this afternoon. i received my plants from hirt's today. he sure shipped them early. i will keep them under lights until i can harden them off to plant. next year i grow my own from seed. my chow chow teddy has a nasty hot spot on her paw and has to see the vet tomorrow. here we go with another season of watching her for hot spots and heat stroke. we will get out early and then i will bring her in when it gets hot. i make her lay in front of a fan to cool her off. i noticed earlier today that my broccoli rabe has sprouted. i made a fabulous mac and cheese for lunch. i used penne, bacon, peas and 4 cheeses. yum!!