A Foggy Morning in my Garden

Here is a great idea for decorating your garden and a way to repurpose used bottles. just find a long branch and using garden twine tie a bottle to it. stick it in the ground and now you have a garden vase. Fill it with whatever is blooming at the moment. You can line a path with these too. You could do this with jelly jars and add votive candles and have lovely night lights!
the first trillium popping up!

statues in the fog

the only rooster i am allowed to have in the city

a row of radishes

faux bois planter filled with sedum



Touchatou said…
Beautiful ! I like the fog a lot too.
Please tell me : the picture below the statues, with the suns and moons ? Are those the work of an artist ? Can we order ? Pleaseeeeeeeee ! lol
jaz said…
i bought those sun and moons at a local hardware store. they are supposed to glow in the dark. i get up each morning and look out at them and they are not glowing. i had thrown the directions out so i went back to the store and read about them. the directions said they will glow for 4 hours. ha!!!! i go to bed while it is still light out because i get up so early in the morning. those little buggers are glowing while i am sleeping. i am going to have to set my clock to get up and see them glowing!btw...i used to live in toronto. i spent quite bit of time in montreal and quebec and love it love it love it there. my dream is to buy a farm in quebec and live out my life there. i could eat poutin and butter tarts every day! i remember eating dinner at a restaurant on an island outside of quebec in a house with no electricity....ile d'orleans? what a special place! if you really want some of these glow sticks i could buy them and send them to you. i think they cost 7.99 each.
jules said…
Down here, folks use old bottles and make bottle trees. Also, they turn them over and bury them around the garden beds as edges, instead of landscape timbers.
Touchatou said…
Yes it is Ile d'Orléans ! The Magic Isle ! It's so special with the vineyards and old houses.
Poutine I love too ! But butter tarts... I don't know those. Maybe you know the french name ? Now you understand why my english is not so great lol.
7.99 ? For beautiful things like that ? Wow. I tought they were costum made ! I'll give a look around to see if I can find some. Otherwise, I'll ask your help.
Thanks a lot !
jaz said…
tart burre.....haha...this is my bad french! they are like pecan pie tarts without the pecans. we also went to a small town with a large church.? and on the way stopped at a place that sold slices of homemade bread slathered in maple cream. 1.00 canadian which back then was about 40 cents. i still make that bread and order maple cream from canada! we were on our way to visit the ice hotel which was incredible. i have read that poutine is now gourmet fare in the trendiest restaurants in montreal. who would ever think of gourmet poutine?
jaz said…
jules...bottle trees are very special southern charms. the upside down bottles suck in and trap evil spirits and thus keep them away from the bottle tree owner!
Touchatou said…
Gourmet poutine ! Yes I've heard of that ! With foie gras and sauces to go directly to hell ! lol
Myself I like my poutine with lots of vegetables !
And I'm also addicted to maple cream (butter we call it) !