Actually, without the typical humidity we would have with this heat in july, it's not so bad. It's almost 90 degrees but it is breezy and not bad at all. Now if we could just get rid of the humidity for the rest of the summer. I am trying to grow peppercorns for the first time this year and they need high humidity so maybe they have a chance here with our usual summer weather. I just had a look at the beds and i swear the garlic has grow 2 inches since this morning. The peas are jumping out of the ground. They sure are enjoying this weather. I was writing a letter this morning and when I dated it I noticed that it is 8 months until Christmas. HO HO HO!! That's hot hot hot without the t's!!!! The yin and yang of blogging.


Lib said…
I found you through Rhonda Jean (Down-to-earth) A nice Blog you have here!;o)
Off to enjoy more of your post!
Have a great wk.end!
jaz said…
hi lib...thanks so much! i just started the blog and it is so much fun meeting new people. i am going to be working on the blog to make some changes for the better so stay tuned! joyce
blossomvic said…
Hi,Joyce. This blogging can be addictive. I find myself thinking "I must tell my blog about this" or I take a quick photo thinking "that will be interesting for the blog"
We are having a very cold snap and it has arrived suddenly. You keep thinking about where you kept your winter woolies as we have not needed them for quite a while.Cheers