Just hangin' out waiting for the plants to grow!

Yesterday was my birthday....ishhh! Not sure how i feel about them anymore. Actually I don't know that I ever liked them that much. I think birthdays should be celebrated by your parents. After all, they are the ones that chose to bring you here in the first place. We really had no say in our creation. We just showed up. Birthdays get strange as you get older. On one hand you are losing stuff...time, looks, vitality. But you are also gaining things as well...experience, memories and wisdom. The wisdom is the most rewarding. Oh if I had only known then what I know now kind of wisdom. But that is the trade off. You can't have it both ways. When I was in my 20's I would never have had the patience to garden or the courage to have children. I gained those with age. I ended up making my own birthday dinner. Everyone wanted to go out but it was just easier for me to cook. Since I don't like cake I made a pasta cake! It was fun. My daughter brought cupcakes which confirmed my zeal for baking. They looked great but didn't taste great. Baking your own is better. Unless you buy the cupcakes from the bakery on Bear's Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts. I can't remember the name of the shop but that guy bakes a wicked cupcake. Anyway, another birthday behind me and I don't have to think about it for another whole year. Wahooo!!!


blossomvic said…
Jaz...Just a quick word to say I have found you. Your blog is so attractive. I have not mastered the art of making mine as good.Must go now to have a read. Bye
jaz said…
welcome! thanks for the compliment. i just started blogging and hope to improve it soon. i love your description of yourself ....i guess i am old. i feel the same way too! old on the outside but still very young on the inside..haha!!!!