The last soup days of spring

I had to use the easter ham bone and yesterday it was 49 degrees and rainy. So it became soup day and i made split pea and navy bean soups. Since i am a frustrated chicken owner i collect chicken items. I also collect nursery rhyme glasses and this is "Little Bo Peep". This is a sterling Salem witch spoon which is hard to see so i posted a closeup of the handle below.

It still didn't come out very clear, it is a witch with the word Salem and three needles.
Bleeding Hearts

Money plant about to bloom

Hellebores (cathedral rose)

The lilac is ready to bloom

Ferns again...i really like ferns

The almighty compostor


cupcakewitch said…
can you cook for me? haha.
jaz said…
Only if you make me cupcakes! haha!! My son told me to tell you to check out his group. Google: Summer Lungs it should take you to his page.