My favorite part of my garden

My outdoor sink is the best part of my garden.
It has hot and cold running water. I made the counter top out of the old Pennsylvania bluestone pavers that were my house's original sidewalk.

It is next to my wood burning oven.

Following up on the discussion that some of us had about what everyone used before are some containers from that era.

I much prefer using glass than having plastic touch my food.

Because of the flash the detail is obscured but these have really pretty fruit and veggies on the lids.


Touchatou said…
So beautiful : everything is a pleasure for the eye !

Do you make your bread in the wood stove ?

I always keep an eye open at flea markets for that kind of container. I don't like plastic and foil containers either...
Pricilla said…
The publicist loves depression glass. She used to have a large collection of it.

Thanks for popping by my blog
Wow! What a garden-what a lovely place to spend time!
Renee said…
Your outdoor sink is a million times better than my indoor sink.