Sculpture and Tomatoes

This is a clay, bronze and feather sculpture from New Mexico. I was drawn to it because i think it signifies all the people we as women must be. I also loved the way the artist combined the 3 very different mediums. Click on the pic for a closer view.

I really like roasting tomatoes. When i am roasting large tomatoes i cut them in half and place each half in muffin a tin. I sprinkle them with EVOO and add thyme, sea salt, pepper and sometimes oregano. In summer when I have fresh herbs, I chop up a mixture of everything. i place them in a 200 degree F. oven. Depending on the size and how dry you want them they can roast for hours. I often leave them in overnight. I don't like mine very dry. I dehydrate them by about 50%. The smell is incredible and they are so versatile. I spread them on sandwiches, use them in salads and they are great on pizzas. No matter how bad the tomato is it ends up being the best tasting tomato ever.
I keep them in a glass container in the frig and they last for about 2 weeks.

They are also delicious served with omelets and frittatas.


Marie said…
I love the sculpture & those tomatoes look yummy!
Lucie Le Blanc said…
Only one word : MIUMMMM ! lol
Edain said…
Oh those tamatoes look good, nice idea doing them in muffin! :)