Practical Magic

This is the authentic spell book from the movie "Practical Magic" with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.
Remember when Sandra Bullock throws the book on the table and turns it upside down and opens it from the back? This is the secret spell section!
violas between the cracks
violas growing amongst the roots

budding maple and viburnum by the back porch

this is what is on the other side of the gate from the previous post. the path to the secret gardens!

cleaning the fountain....rock by rock.

this is the room where the table/planter will be placed for planting the pumpkins

copper griffin weathervane on top of the guest house.


Touchatou said…
I am green with envy at the collection you have gathered ! The griffin et the sphere are gorgeous ! And how did you get that book ????
jaz said…
i have been collecting witch things for 20 years. i got the book from an online auction right after the movie was released. i had the griffin made by a copper artist in texas. there is also a serpent weathervane next to it on another cupola but it has slid down it's pole and someone (not me) must go up on the roof to readjust it. they are the highest point in that area and the birds perch on top of them and i guess a fat bird sat on the serpent and unhinged it!
Touchatou said…
LOL I wouldn't be able to get it back in place either !
Hibiscus Moon said…
Wow....that is so cool about the spell book! REally. I would love to be able to just thumb through it. Can you take some pics of the apges? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a follower of yours now. :)