Skull Spoons

The fountain is working

After many many years I am back to using dish clothes. I want to cut back on paper use so I found someone that is making old fashioned dish clothes and I am going to try to use far less paper towels by revisiting my childhood.

HOW COOL ARE THESE???? My son gave me these for my birthday. A local artist buys old sterling silver spoons and turns them into these skull spoons.

Help! If I don't eat the chives they might eat me! Does anyone have any ideas about how to use up a lot of chives? Like LOTS of chives. I made this potato salad which uses quite a bit but not nearly enough. This salad is made with just potatoes and hard boiled eggs, a bit of mayo and sour cream, s&p and chives. i did not put in the usual things like onions and celery because i wanted the pure chive flavor to come through. After sitting in the frig overnight i achieved the taste i was hoping for. It tastes like spring.

This bed was covered with snow in a recent post. Today it will be 90 degrees here. Go figure!

My future garden being hardened off. My loofahs are in here and have sprouted.

A last look at the phlox on bloom just before sunrise.


Touchatou said…
Hiiiii !! The spoons are.... no way !!! I want some !!!!!!!! I have skulls everywhere (everywhere my man can't see them, lol), I am facinated by them !!!! I even wish for a small tatoo somewhere discreet.

I ses you have changed the text in (what's the word : banderolle ? heading ? title square ?) and added "casting a few spells". Frankly I was suspecting (hoping !) you might have such interests. I'm not quite free to pursue those interests (in the physical way, for the moment) but my mind is all in.

The chives might do a good pesto ? You could keep it like that all year and taste the spring even in winter. Or I freeze them on a cookie plate, all chopped, and put them in the freezer in a jar for further use.

I have stopped buying paper towels and other form of disposable paper items for some time now. I have no use for female hygene diposables anymore (not age, just hormones gone awry), but if it were the case I would use those cool new napkins for women. I eventually want to get rid of toilet paper but the man is not ready. lol lol

Wrapping is also a major issue for us : plastic wrap, aluminium foil and paper are replaced by recycled bottles. They go well in the freezer, but you have to check for water expansion.

But our most important improvement is : don't recycle, JUST don't buy disposables !!

Have a nice WARM day ! Lucie
jaz said…
hi lucie....i know, the skull spoons are perfect for me. i have a skull collection and will put some of it on the blog next week. i decided to come out in the header, hehe!!! i just froze a lot of the chives. i should never plant another chive plant! i recently bought all new glass container for storing things in the frig but i am still perplexed as to how to stop using plastic wrap and products like that. how to wrap cheese and the kids sandwiches? we used waxed paper when i was young so maybe i can go back to that. at least it is not plastic but it is still paper. i agree with you and am done buying disposables! skull pics coming soon!!!
Touchatou said…
Bring the skulls on !!!

I'm still using my old Tupperwares... As they don't produce new waste, I'm still ok with them. But it's true I'd like something else. How were they doing in the old times ? News paper ? With time, we'll find our own ways.

Great the coming out ! hihi
Felinae said…
The spoons are beyond cool. My daughter would love them.

Have a great weekend.

Donna said…
I love the fountain you posted! That is absolutely gorgeous! I have to admit I'm neither a gardener or a good cook (a cook, yes, a good cook, no), so I'm afraid I can't help you with the chives. Thanks for the invite to come over. I do love the movie, Practical Magic! And great gift from your son! Oh - and those roasted tomatoes a few posts back look SO good!!!...Donna @ An
Enchanted Cottage