It is very dark and cold out this afternoon. The snow is on it's way. As a last salute to winter weather i made Polish pickle soup. I know it sounds awful but think of dilled potato soup and it gives you an idea that it might not be so bad. It was great. You add a dollop of sour cream just before serving. I have decided to make my own potting table instead of buying one. They are awfully expensive and flimsy at best. I am going to use a folding table and cover it with an oil cloth. I am going to build a pair of open shelves to sit atop the table. when it rains i can store stuff beneath the table and the oilcloth will keep things dry. Up until now i have been using my big stone table to pot plants and it gets rather messy. We end up not using it for eating. So i am rearranging the patio. I think i should rearrange things more often just to stir things up a bit. Year after year i put things in the same place and this year i looked around and this where everything should be or can it serve me better if i change it? After i have the potting table set up i will post a pic. i would love to see pics of anyones potting tables or benches if you care to send them to me!