I just noticed no one commented on my toaster. This got me to thinking...what kind of toaster do you have? I eat toast every morning and it is my breakfast of choice. When I was little my grandfather, papa, made toast on an old toaster that was triangular. You had to open the doors manually and turn the toast yourself. I have one of these and will post pics of it. I like burnt toast. And I like slightly toasted toast. I like any kind of toast. I would love to see pics of everyone's toasters! And I would like to know how everyone takes their toast. My family likes toast with my homemade jams, especially rhubarb. I like mine with butter and cheese. I am much more of a salty person than a sugar one. Share your toast preferences.


cupcakewitch said…
Hmmm... toast.... yum.
My grandma had an old-fashioned toaster like the one you describe. It was always fun to make toast at her house. The other interesting "toaster" I've experienced was the one I used when I was a poor student in university. I had no toaster, so I made toast by putting bread on a wire coat hanger and toasting it over a stove element set to "high."
Touchatou said…
Dear dear ! I just realized I missed some of your posts when you told about the toaster ! Toaster ? What toaster ?

To read your posts, I come through my blog, which tells me when a new post has been published. But if you publish more than one in a day, I just see the last one ! So I came back by the big front door and saw marvelous things ! You see, I'm still learning...

I'm not a breakfast person, I'll just grab a fruit or cookie on the go. But my boyfriend (man/love of my life/significant half... how do you say the one you've lived with for ten years without being married ? lol).

So EVERY morning he eats his 2 wholewheat toasts with biological peanut butter and banana slices on it. E.V.E.R.Y. single morning since have known him !
chib said…
On My God!
It is so amazing and beatiful.
What should I call you, I cant find a name, but your collection is so beatiful