A Rainy Cool Sunday

A small copper witch weather vane

The spellbook from the movie "Practical Magic"
The "black magic" spells are hidden in the back of the book

This is one of my favorite pieces from my witch collection. This hat was made around the turn of the century by a hat maker in New York City. It is made of felt and ribbon. I always wonder who it was made for.

These are the original tags.

I made homemade baked beans yesterday. This is the before picture. There are roughly 20 ingredients in these beans.

The finished beans.

This is the first loaf of bread I baked in my new outdoor oven. It came out great.

Yesterday i forgot to put this picture on with the redware. This is a puzzle jug. You have to cover certain holes with your fingers to be able to drink from it. It reads: From Mother Earth I Claim My Birth, I'm Made A Joke For Man, But Now I'm Here Filled With Good Beer, Come Try Me If You Can


idrawpix said…
You do indeed have the best collection of witch related goodies!! Love that hat!

Pricilla said…
It is raining here too. Very unhappy goats!
I LOVE that hat!
Yve said…
you need a wee house for the copper witch now!
Laura said…
You've got the book from Practical Magic and I'm so so jealous! hmmm.. i may have to watch that today... :-)
Lola Enchanted said…
Hello! I'm so glad you found me because now I've found you!! I do love your blog! I love the book and hat!!! I'm off to look at your older posts!!!!!! Hope you entered my contest!!!
Take care new friend!
Touchatou said…
I see you've made new friends ! That's wonderful, because it makes me discover new people too !
Hibiscus Moon said…
You have such beatiful objects. I love your photos!
I´ve never seen a puzzle jug before, what a funny thing :-)
Sarah said…
Hi!!Thanks for the email about your blog!!!You are quite right - lots in common!!!I'm beyond green - how fun to have a prop from Parctical Magic!! Beautiful things and wonderful photos!! So glad you found me!!
chib said…
That hat! Very interesting!
This blog is Magic, you will find all unthinkables
clairedulalune said…
Hello Jaz, thank you for finding me, interested in your blog you say, I am in awe! You have the practical magic spell book! Scream! Thank you for sharing your gems, they are brillant! Lovely to meet you!
William Bezek said…
Hi Jaz, It certainly took forever to find this post. I have a few things to say about this if you would like to contact me privately. I have a small collection of props and wardrobe myself and have learned a few things about collecting.