This one is real!

This one is not.

It's a box.

Skulls on my boots

And on my shoes

A garden guard

This is the ring that matches yesterday's necklace. I put it on the glove so it would photograph better but it really just made it look creepy!


Touchatou said…
You are really a very special lady ! lol
I imagine you roaming the streets with your skull shoes ! It must be a delight seeing people's face !

Is it the skull of your great-great-great-grant-mother ? lol Sorry, the joke is lame... cause maybe it is... ;) But I didn't think it was possible to acquire a real skull. How do someone get by one ?

How is it we are so fascinated by skulls ? Is it the realisation of our fragility ? Of our strenght ? I think they are a stronge image. I just like them.

Thanks for sharing.
peppylady said…
What a grand collection.

Coffee is on.
Yve said…
That's weird, how did you end up with a skull that isn't from a medical supplier? (it doesn't have a sawn top) You hear of people inheriting skulls and bones with houses, they've been dug up in the garden or whatever... aren't you scared the owner will come looking for it one night? tee hee
Judging from the lack of teeth in the real skull, it must have belonged to a hockey player in the NHL. You need to repatriate him to Canada for proper burial!
Pricilla said…
I like your boots. the publicists just have polka dots. I think she needs some with goats.

The ring does look kinda creepy on the glove but I'll bet it would look great on a live hand
KeKe said…
Ha ha! Ya! I love your skull boots!!!

Cool blog. I love October....Autumn is my favorite time of the year!!

chib said…
I love the comment of Touchatou. I was thinking almost the same way.
I think if you walk around with those shoes in Africa, expect all photographers to be your companions, and all eyes to follow you whenever you go. For some children, might run away
I like the boots and shoes!
Touchatou said…
Your booths are making a trip around the world ! I saw them on the blog ok Habudini ! lol