Mother's Day Witches

I had all my witch books bound by a local binder.

I put gold stars on all the corners.

The pages have gilded edges.

This is Royal Doulton "Witches" by Charles Noke.

These were produced in the early 20th century.

I love the way the smoke rises out of the cauldron.

He is holding a flask full of magic ingredients.


Anonymous said…
nom nom thank you for breakfast! happy mother's day!!!
Touchatou said…
Those books are a beauty ! I love books, they are a living thing to me. Those will age beautifully. Thanks !
Pricilla said…
the books are stunning. There is nothing like a leather bound book....well, there is nothing like a shelf full of books.
chib said…
You have magic mind!!!
Where did you get all those collections??
Bobbi said…
Gorgeous books! Books are my passion.