Toast Forks and Ponds (click on pics for better views)

These are the tops on 2 of my toast forks. I was going to show more pics of these but when I got my new camera I also got a photo box for shooting close ups. We were trying it out and knocked one of the lights over and it broke. So no more closeups until were replace the bulb!

New porch rockers

The upper pond

Some one likes to go wading!

And drinking!


Pricilla said…
So sorry about your lightbox light. I, ironically did the same thing. Hmmmmm
peppylady said…
I never heard of toasting forks.
I real like your chow and sorry to hear about your bulb breaking.

Coffee is on.
Those porch rockers look like something I woul like to have :-) And I must make a pond here too. But I don´t have such a great placr to put it as You have!
jaz said…
hi christer.....i made a stream with three ponds. i will take some pics to show you. these new chairs are made of outside wicker. it's that new stuff that has a wire base and is wrapped in acrylic wire. my sister has had this stuff for 15 years and it looks brand new. i hate anything artificial but i made an exception for these because in our weather outdoor furniture rots. the previous chairs were not comfortable and i realized we really were not using that porch which was a shame. now i sit out there all the time. the chairs rockers are readers and have a pocket for books and magazines.

hi peppylady! toasting forks were used before electricity to toast bread over a fire. once my light box is back up and running i will take full pics and post them.

hi priscilla...hmmmm indeed! are we both clumsy or is there something with these lights?
snippetgirl said…
I love your blog!! I perused several posts...what wonderful photos and creative decor you have! And clearly, you have the cutest furkid around :)!
Have a lovely weekend~~
Carrie the SnipPet Girl
Touchatou said…
Hello milady !
I would surely strch my legs on that ramp of yours ! What view you must have.
I didn't know what were toast fork either ! Lovely things !