Monster Maple

If you look closely you can see the sun refracting off of the beveled!

A monster Japanese maple tree

Moss on the stonework

A bench at the top of the steps

Potting table in action...i added a cheap towel bar and some "S" hooks to hang garden tools.

The loofahs are ready to go in the ground

Transplants of basil, thyme and cherry tomatoes


chib said…
Looks so beautiful
Touchatou said…
Nice window ! And with a pentagram, so cool. I like the maple's foliage too. Original tree !
Wow, your garden is so beautiful. I have been watching for awhile and everyday as you show more I am entranced! Love your potting table too. Great idea. Wish I lived in a warmer clime. It will still be two weeks before I can plant outside. Thanks for sharing.
peppylady said…
Your garden looks great. This is sure a great time to get one hand dirty.

Coffee is on.