Fixed The Lightbox (click on pics for better views)

Here is a full shot of the toasting forks from the other day.

Made more crack(ers)...this time I used white chocolate and sprinkled them with chopped macadamia nuts.

Matching Royal Doulton Witches candlesticks

A Paragon fortunetelling tea cup

These were made in pastel colors

With lots of symbols on the inside

Around the inside lip it reads: Many Curious Things I See When Telling Fortunes In Your Tea

Have a magical Sunday!


Touchatou said…
I love the fly on that cup ! Do you know how to use the cup ? Seems fascinating to me.
Now I understand the forks ! They're beautiful. I must find me some of those : for marshmallow toasting lollll
I will try those crackers with black chocolate and almonds. Miummmmmmm
jaz said…
you have a cup of tea with loose leaf tea. after you drink it the placement of the tea leaves inside the cup tell your fortune. if most of the tea leaves collect on the dollar sign then money is in your future. if they land on the skull then that is an obvious bad sign! if they land on the boat then you will be going somewhere, etc..
Touchatou said…
Easyyyyyy !! I thought you had to do with interconnections of the signs : a little of this and a little bit of that.
Thank you !
Sonia ;) said…
Oh the Candlesticks are beautiful. The tea cups are so sweet. I especially love your garden also....Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am keeping up with yours also..

Have a great week.
Sonia ;)
Thanks for discovering my blog....I liked yours too.