Blue Egg and Green Day

This is a cool witch egg. It has this etched witch on the front and when you turn it around there is a small magnifier that shows the witch flying over the village. I couldn't get a pic of it though.

Lilac in the garden vase

Everything is green in the garden.
The mock oranges...

are ready to bloom.

So are the Japanese Lilacs

New growth on the stone pines

The hollies are about to bloom

New growth on the weeping hemlocks

The Ladies Mantle will bloom soon


chib said…
I love green environment
Pricilla said…
You have the most interesting collectibles....I look forward to seeing them
jaz said…
i will keep posting my collections until i run out of things or until i run out. whatever comes first!
Sherry Byrum said…
Love all your plants! Thanks for visiting my blog!
clairedulalune said…
where do you find all these wonderful trinkets and treats? I love looking through them, I am still staring at your book of shadows with awe!
Pattee said…
Thanks for coming by my blog! I love all the greenery that you are showing... you must be in a warm place.... it's still cold out here in the pacific nw
M.Kate said…
All wonderful blooms..most dont grow here unfortunately.
Sonia ;) said…
beautiful pieces......smiles

I can see that we are a bit behind yet over here, but now everything happens quickly here. The lilacs are in bloom and the holly isn´t far behind.