Native American Jewelry

A sterling bangle with onyx.

A very heavy sterling cuff

Antique turquoise cuff


That jewelry is really great pieces of art! The turquoise objects are really beautiful!

Thanks for the tip about the rref guy! I´ve always kept away from saltwater aquariums because I know how difficult it is, but he even gets the coralls to thrive in there!
Have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
It is gorgeous ! I imagine that jewelry on the arm of a princess ! Great artists !

(Nice touch the french word of the day ! lol)
Leigh said…
The onyx bangle is incredible!
peppylady said…
Someone sure did a lot of creative work.

Coffee is on.
Georgina said…
Thanks for all the great words on my blog. Love the Indian jewelry collection. I have quite a few nice pieces myself, but then I live in an area where it's available at a pretty good price. As for the Huitchol are, I love it. Have a couple of they're work too...nothing as beautiful as these samples. Again thanks for coming over and reading. I'm in Austin right now, visiting my daughter and grands, so once I get back home, I'll have more stuff to say and post.

Hibiscus Moon said…
What gorgeous bangles! Are all of these yours?

Dalmatian stone in that first one. This stone has been popping up everywhere since Mylo (my dalmation) passed. I sound obsessed. Sorry.
Pricilla said…
Gorgeous should open a museum
This is cool. I love the blog and i see it "going green". Lol. Great collections.
Nuff respect to you Jaz
Karen in Georgia said…
Could look at native Ameican jewelry forever ...I have a nice collection as do you and enjoy wearing it ...a tribute to those who made it thanks for sharing yours