Sterling Witch and Toadflax

This is a sterling Salem witch bookmark. If you click on it you can see it better. These are very rare.

A sterling napkin ring....There was an old woman who rode on a broom.....

Another napkin ring. This one reads....Old woman, Old woman, Oh, whither so high.....

To sweep the cobwebs off the sky.

A sterling box from Salem, Massachusetts

This is an old trinket box from the 1800's. The witch flies through the air over the town on her broom.

The girl is pointing the witch out to her little sister.

The lid is initialed.

This is a Daniel Lowe sterling Salem witch needle case.

These were very popular during the Victorian Era for storing your sewing needles. They were attached to a chain and worn around the neck.

The Toadflax is blooming!

This is not snow! These are blossoms dropped from the black locust trees. What a mess. Does anyone else have this sort of problem and if so, how do you handle it?

A closeup of my first edamame breaking ground. (next to a *%@*** locust blossom!



Pricilla said…
I'm tellin' ya - you need a museum.
I wanted to plant soybeans but they won't grow here. Bummer
Touchatou said…
The needle case is such a great idea ! All those rings are beautiful.
And I tend to agree, you need a museum ! lol
Hibiscus Moon said…
Jaz, your collection is mind boggling. I needle case like that woudl come in very handy in my home. Beautiful photos as always.
Zan Asha said…
Haha, I was about to say the same. You could give the Salem Witch Museum a run for its money!!
jaz said…
i wish salem had a "witch museum". i go there every year and am always hoping a real museum dedicated to witches might pop up. the salem witch museum is more of a verbal museum. they just tell the story of the witch trials. i think it would be so cool if they had a museum which showed items like i have collected. pam apkarian russell (the halloween queen)is the woman that wrote most of the books on halloween collectibles. she just opened a museum in wheeling west virginia which i have not yet visited. she has an outstanding collection of vintage and antique halloween items and has appeared on martha stewart. thanks for checking out my blog! it is fun to share the collection after so many years.
Pamela Leah said…
Hi Jaz,
You have a wonderful collect!! Visit my blog,I left you a message.

Yve said…
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Bobbi said…
Another wonderful collection - the silver napkin rings are adorable.

As for the locust blooms, I don't let them bother me because they look so pretty - like snow in late spring. I typically mulch my beds closer to the locust tree a little heavier in order to keep seeds from sprouting. If you pull the tiny trees when thery're litter, it's just like any other weeding.
M.Kate said…
Edamame flower? I only know of the edamame peas for eating..and that locust blooms looks pretty.