Witches and Gardens and Chow Chows

Someone was very very sleepy this morning. I couldn't even get her to smile.

Wisteria on the pergola

My herb planter is filing in nicely.

And so is the bunny

This is a very rare Royal Doulton Witches candlestick. In all my years of collecting I have only ever seen one or two of these. If you enlarge the picture you can see a witch adding ingredients to the brew.

This is a witch incense burner done by a southern potter.

Another mushroom from the mushroom collection

I caught this before the rain got it.

The fountain under the pergola....oops...forgot to wind up the hose!

I want to live in this cottage.

Or this one!

The wrong way to plant a strawberry pot.

The right way. In the middle of this pot I used a piece of pvc pipe in which I drilled holes. Then I filled it with pea gravel. When I water it the water is disbursed through the whole pot. Last year i filled the other jars with dirt and no pipe. Every time I water them the water runs off. Time to take them apart and do them over.


Pricilla said…
I am thinking that if you moved into either one of those cottages you would have to give up your collectibles....
Well we can´t all be sprightly all mornings :-) :-)
Love the mushroom! Looks very much like the ones we can find in the forests over here.
Yve said…
I love the doorway near the pergola, it's one of those "where odes that lead to" doors!
Zan Asha said…
Wow, your garden is amazing--the far shot with the fountain---love it!
Touchatou said…
The candlestick holder is a beauty : those witches look so warm and nice.
I want a pergola like yours ! It must be so nice when it is hot, and the wind must play with all the leaves... Beautiful.
Carolee said…
Thanks so much for finding me - LOVE your blog! I'll definitely be back!

~ Carolee
Bobbi said…
This has been a good year for wisteria! I really like your pergola - my wisteria is growing over my children's old tree house. I also loved the mushroom and cottages!
niartist said…
Oh jaz, this is LOVELY! I love your pergola. We were going to build one this year - I'm not sure if we'll get around to it. I sure hope it comes out as nicely as yours when we do get it up! Beautiful gardens, thank you so much for introducing yourself to me so that I might see them. And please, play along with my new Share a Garden Sunday event starting this Sunday. I'm hosting over at my blog - so just post about your lovely garden, and link through Mr. Linky! Info on my blog, today! Thanks again!
lorhen82 said…
Jaz, thank you for stopping by my blog. I LOVE the photo of the pergola - that door is AWESOME!!! I have a fascination with doors and windows. You can never have too many! Have a great weekend. ~Lori