The Blooms in My Garden

Along the side of the house.....

Rain on the clematis

The clematis on the cistern

The Big Green Egg... this is the monster that burned my bread and it is where I am smoking today's ribs.

The pool is open!!!

Here she comes...

Looking for her squirrel.

Chow chows always look so cute looking down the stairs. Their mane falls forward.

mock orange blooming

mock orange close up


Another pic of the witch tambourine with my new camera.

She is holding an owl.

And she has a star on her for closer view.

Happy Memorial Day!!!


Gorgeous photos ! Isn't your Chow Chow adorable !!! I must mention the witch tambourine, what an interesting piece !
"Happy Memroial" day to you.
Zan Asha said…
Wow, your pics are beautiful! I LOVE your chow! Gorgeous--as is your house and even the witch tambourine!
Bobbi said…
Beautiful photos! I love mock orange - mine is also blooming. And your Chow is gorgeous!
We are still a bit behind when it comes to flowers, but we´re catching up soon :-)
Your garden looks great and the pool!!!
Have a great Memorial day now!
Felinae said…
Beautiful flowers, the tambourine is very unique, I like it. :)

The chow, well the beauty there is a given. She's adorable!

Have a great day!

Touchatou said…
I love your clematis. I find they are strange flowers. Your gardens are quite a sight, my dear !

Do you know the age of your tambourine ? It seems quite antique. Nice piece.
Soraya said…
Hey there, Just checkin out your blog. Love the pictures, and your dog is absolutely adorable! I'll watch you if you watch me :-p
Nice to meet you though!
Blessed Be!
beautiful tamourine ... I"v never seen one like it!