More Witch Stuff!

I found these in Salem. Click on them for a better view.

This is a German witch diecut.

This is my toothpick holder.

It is from the UK and it reads....Double double toyle and trouble Fyer burne and cauldrone bubble.......... from Macbeth

It has a crest on the opposite side.

This is a magic wand I bought in Lily Dale. Lily Dale is in New York State. It is a major psychic center.

This pitcher is also from the UK. It shows the Salem Witch reaching to grab a bat out of the sky.

On the reverse side you see the triple pins and the date of the Salem Witch trials.


Sage Moonstone said…
These are beautiful treasures!! You are so blessed to have a collection like this..

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Have a Wonderful Day~
Judging from the picture on the Witches Brew bottle, they're making chicken 'n snake soup. Yum, my fave!
Felinae said…
what an impressive collection you have. I love the die cut piece.

Have a great day!

Pricilla said…
The wand is great. May I borrow it to make Abby disappear?
heh heh
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic finds! Wow! I still use witch hazel for everything from sunburns to oily skin and cuts!
SeeThroughGreen said…
Hi Jaz,
Thanks so much for checking out my blog and recomending yours! I love it, the pictures, the sounds and the words. I love that you have a chow, theyre so darn cute lol! :)
Money Funk said…
Love, love, love your collection! Glad to have stumbled onto your blog. :)
Touchatou said…
Lulu has a stupid question... well maybe not stupid, just overly curious ? (must be my root canal writing !) ;) Where do you put all those gorgeous things ? Do you put them a piece here, a piece there ? Or do you have a special display ?
Touchatou said…
Oh and the wand is my absolute favorite ! The stand is amazing !
jaz said…
i built a lot of shelves in my house so a lot of them are displayed on the shelves!
jaz said…
ps...i like to live with my collections so i use them as much as i can!