Witches, Hands and The New Lens!

I haven't quite got the hang of the new lens yet but it is awesome.

The violets with drops of rain. Click to see them better.

Purple clematis with rain drops. It was nice that it rained the day I got the lens.

The first lemon blossom.

A clematis bud.

Sorry but I needed macro lens practice!

I am fascinated with hands. This is a cement bird feeder.

These were made from molds of someones hands.

They are made of poured steel. They are very heavy!

Someone sculpted these hands. They are my favorites.

Green Man door knocker

Sterling Salem Witch lapel pin

Sterling Salem Witch hat pin

Sterling Salem Witch book marker click for a close up

Iron witch boot scrape

That's it for today..I need more lens practice!

* Above is this mornings post that I threw together in a hurry. I just sat down to take a break and decided to add to it. The new macro lens is fun but I will need much practice before I am comfortable with it. I got up slightly after 4:00 this morning as usual. My son requested some of the crack(ers) from a previous post for his friends. I made 4 trays of them. Two trays of dark chocolate/ caramel and two of white chocolate/caramel macadamia. Then I broke it all up and bagged it in individual bags tied with raffia. I fired up the smoker and threw 2 racks of baby back ribs on with dry rub. I made more oven roasted tomatoes and threw them in the oven to cook. I weeded all the veggie gardens and planted a planter for my friends birthday. I swept the porches, cleaned the potting table and then made lunch for everyone. In between I did the laundry and hung it out to dry. Phewwwww....it feels like it is 5:00 and it is only 1:00.


Pricilla said…
Looks like you are having a blast with your new lens. I love the raindrops...so sharp! I can't wait for the next round.
Touchatou said…
What a morning ! I am more the late-bird type... I do a lot of my chores past midnight ! It is most my creative and energetic moment of the day.

Those poured steel hands are fabulous. They look like the hands of a steel worker, all dark and callous.

Your flower close-ups are amazing : all those details !

I am making researches about the Greenman, it is not a known creature around here.

Have a nice day, dear.
(You reminded me I had to try the crackers, I am putting them on my to-do list !)
Speaking of disembodied hands, you must just LOVE Thing on The Addams Family!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Looks like you've got the hang of that lens to me.
SeeThroughGreen said…
man, youre busy eh? I have never been amazing with taking pictures...they always look amazing in life, the light is right, my subjects are good but my pictures always look flat. Yours on the other hand, seem to spring from the picture and the colors are captured beautifully...i think i need to get a good camera and take lessons lol! Great shots!
It looks as if You got the hang of using the macrto lense rather fast! Great pictures!