LASAGNA!!!! (more skulls pics follow!)

I made a tray of lasagna for the local police. First I boiled the noodles.

I organize and grate all the cheeses and sliced all the sausages.

I mix the ricotta with Italian spices, parmesean cheese and eggs.

I make the sauce a day in advance..lots of sauce.

Since this is going to the police I used a large disposable pan. I line the pan with noodles and add a layer of sauce.

I add a layer of the ricotta mix and then cover it with a layer of thinly sliced Italian ham.

Cover this layer with some cheese.

Add another layer of noodles.

Then more sauce and a layer of alternating hot and sweet Italian sausage.

Then more ricotta and a layer of thin pepperoni.

More noodles and cheese

Cover with sauce and top with more cheese.

HAHA!!!! Happy cops!


Touchatou said…
Happy cops indeed !! Never saw a lasagna looking so good ! It changes from the usual meat sauce/mozzarella I am used to eat. Definitely worth a try !
That's a real meat-lovers lasagna, all right!
Pricilla said…
I'll bet they were happy! How very nice of you!
Looks really good! But I´ve never used sausages in a lasagna. Perhaps I should do that sometime.