Snakes and Pentagram

HA!!!!! I knew it!

The snake gate

Viola under the bay leaves

Lavender and Toadflax

New mushrooms for the cage

This is a necklace I designed and had made long long ago. The stones are:

emerald (green)=earth
sapphire (blue)=water
ruby (red)=fire

It is set in 14k gold that I collected from my years working in dentistry!


idrawpix said…
Your snake gate is an amazing piece of garden art. You do surround yourself with meaningful beauty - both by nature or by design.
Thanks for sharing.
Touchatou said…
You begin to know me too well ! lol I have been jongling with the idea of a pentagram for some time now : you did a great job of it !

And your choice of music... I have many in my own collection. I should have know ! lol

Happy radishes, lucky ! Still 3 weeks before planting anything in the garden...
clairedulalune said…
hello, I have tagged you on my blog Jaz, I hope you don't mind!
Anonymous said…
Found you via Clairedulalune. The necklace is beautiful, my kind of jewellery.

CJ xx
Anonymous said…
Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! Yours rocks!
Great post and I LOVE your pics!
Adding you to my links!
Anonymous said…
hi there
i loved ur blog, very inlightful!!!
and u know what... i see a lot of myself in your blog!!! everything is good!!!!
i hope u keep checking my blog, since ill be changin it very much in the posts... they will be all re-written since u grow with the religion and change a lot of points of view... hehehe
i hope u like it as much as i liked ur blog!!!!
blessed be!!!