Glenda the Good Witch

So check this out!!! Sometimes if I get up early enough in the morning and slip out side very quietly i can catch Glenda The Good Witch visiting my garden in her bubble! She was there this morning.

(the glowing orb is actually a raindrop on my lens!)

The wisteria is blooming. And the rain is dripping from the arbor.

The tree peonies are ready to bloom.

A gloomy day in the city!

A very ugly but very yummy cherry pie. I made a pate brisee.

Bread fresh from the oven.


cupcakewitch said…
The first picture is so pretty!
Zan Asha said…
Hello--so I did end up joining :) I love your blog and this post--love the ugly-but-yummy cherry pie :)
Pricilla said…
Aaah, wisteria. The publicist's old Victorian house in NJ had a wisteria tree that was over 100 years old. The vine was so thick and it was forced up through an old green house so it looked and was as fat as a tree. She loved that plant. It smelled like heaven....

Pie is in the taste not the looks...
Good pictures!
I have a Wisteria here too, but´I never expect it to bloom here. It should not even have a chanse to survive here, so I´m happy every year that it get leafs :-) It looks as if my tree paeonys has come as far at yours have :-)
Touchatou said…
Your bread is so beautiful !
The blooming won't be for some time here... too cold. The garden won't be planted until June...
Renee said…
You have the most beautiful yard I have ever seen.

I love the fairy bubble.

Your blog is wonderful and I am so happy that you stopped by mine sot that I am able to come and see yours.

Renee xoxox