Hail and Bats

We hardly ever see hail here. But i had hail on the pool cover yesterday.

And hail on the scallions

New centerpiece

Bat on the lamp

Hanging bronze bat over the door

For those who requested seeing the rest of the powder room.....my last chow looking up at her favorite thing in the world....

a squirrel!


Pricilla said…
Oooh, I love bats. VERY cool!
We had only 23F this morning and i wish it would have been hail instead :-)
cupcakewitch said…
hail?! where do you live?
Touchatou said…
I so love bats ! Even real ones ! The one on the lamp is so beautiful.

Is everything OK in your garden ? I hope so.

It must be pleasant to powder one's nose in that room ! The art in the wall, is it painting ? It is so nice and warm.

Hibiscus Moon said…
Thank you for the pics of the powder room. Did you paint the mural? Wonderful!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Oh, also may we see your withc collection? Or did I miss that one?