Happy Officers

wow..i finally met my match! i have always had a propensity for cooking huge amounts of food. i have fed hundreds of people at a time. as many people as i feed at any given time i usually always have leftovers. not today. i received a very nice call from one of the officers saying that they fed 3 precincts today. i went back to the station to pick up my baskets and bowls. the whole lasagna was gone. i calculated that this lasagna weighed between 40 and 50 pounds. that is a lot of lasagna. hungry coppers! i can't wait to feed them again! these guys had no idea i was coming or bringing the food but the word got out fast!


Touchatou said…
We all the goodies you put in it, no wonder ! I bet it's the best lasagna they ever ate !
blossomvic said…
Thank you for the offer to help with my endless search for making a decent loaf of bread. Looking forward to hearing from you when you have the time from your busy life. By the way I think your photography is mind blowing. So creative.