Huichol Art

I have an extensive collection of Native American art that I am going to post. I am starting with some of my Huichol bead art. The Huichols (pronounced..wee-choal) live in western Mexico. They grow gourds and cover them with thousands of beads. As part of their religion they take peyote. Peyote is an hallucinogen. The bright colors in their clothing and art work come from the colors they see when they take peyote. Above and below is an example of a peyote necklace they wear to carry the drug. Click on the pics to see a closeup of the intricate bead work.

European traders introduced them to beads. They often make snakes.

This is an example of a gourd bowl.

Another bowl. The beads are held in place with beeswax.

A ceremonial mask. Many of the designs are inspired by the peyote. Before the traders sold them beads, they covered their art work with shells and stones. Their work is easier to obtain now but when I was collecting, it was very difficult to come by. They are semi nomadic and rarely interact with outsiders. I bought all my pieces from a Huichol shaman (holy man) that would travel to town twice a year to sell just enough art to sustain the tribe.

A bit off subject but I thought I would show you my new clothes dryers. I am going to dry all of my wash on these from now on. One green step at a time!


Bobbi said…
Love the gourd bowl!! I grow gourds and use them for all sorts of things.
Yve said…
i'm with bobbie, love the gourd bowls x
Pricilla said…
I love the colors..bright, bold and beautiful. The beadwork is astounding.
Zan Asha said…
Wow, the Indian art is beautiful!