A Little Bit of Everything

My son gave me this gold plated maple leaf for Mother's Day. He told me I could look at it everyday and think about Fall! Awwww....good boy!

This is a witch vase. It has a witch on a broomstick flying over the house as well as one on the ground. Click to enlarge for a better view.

The baby!!!

This is the sink in my powder room. I took a birdbath and had it fitted by a plumber to use it as a sink. If you click to enlarge this pic you will see i even painted in bird poop down below!

The radishes are ready.

The new grow rack I built out of metal shelves and shop lights. This is much bigger and much cheaper than the ones sold in catalogs.


Touchatou said…
Your powder room (what a beautiful name) is absolutely exquisite !

Soon I will be learning to make those plated leaves : I could make you a tree of those leaves ! lol

Nice day, my dear.
Pricilla said…
What a wonderful gift from your son. It will never die and always sparkle!
Hibiscus Moon said…
OMG! You are so creative! Can we see the entire powder room PLEASE? It looks so very pretty. Where do you get all yoru interesting knick knacks?
Bobbi said…
How sweet is your son? Giving you a piece of fall everyday - that's great! Autumn is my favorite season.

Love the powder room - you are truly talented!
chib said…
I love the rack!
idrawpix said…
Very clever with the details... painting in the bird poop!! LOL!
Lovely leaf and thoughtful gift.