A New Raised Bed

I had this perfectly good spot of lawn doing nothing at all.
I kept thinking about what I could be growing there.

So I put together another raised bed.

4 x 8 with 2 mid bar supports

Then I added weed fabric and cut PVC pipe into 10" pieces.

I placed the PVC in 8 places.

I screwed the pipe in place using "c" clamps.

after it is filled with soil the pipes just reach above the dirt.

After filling it about 2/3, I lay a drip hose and then cover it with the remaining soil.

I use a smaller "c" clamp to hold the end of the hose in place.

The new bed ready for seeds!

In the background you can see the flexible PVC pipe bent into hoops and slid into the PVC sleeves I screwed into the side of the beds. These can be covered with plastic in early spring to create cold frames/hot houses or covered in fabric in August to prevent plants from sun scorch. They also hold the bean trellises and some of the twigs I use for bean supports.


chib said…
Once you step your foot in this blog, you will never dare to walk out.
I´ve been thinking of making raized beds here too and You show perfectly how to do them! Looks great!
Touchatou said…
So that's how you do it !! What a great idea ! And I am not surprised to learn you are doing it by yourself ! What a lady you are. Kisses, Lulu
Pricilla said…
Oooh, what are you going to grow in your beautiful new beds?
jaz said…
i planted almost the whole bed this morning. i planted two types of green beans, okra (first time) and edamame (first time for these too). i think i will put in some of my cherry tomatoes when they get a bit bigger. i still have them under the grow lights. so, now i sit and watch. however, i keep starring at the pool thinking....what could i grow in that space? uh oh!!!!
Bobbi said…
I absolutely love the raised beds! I wish I had your energy!
Dia said…
I love raised beds, too! I smothered some lawn with cardboard & newspring (no coloured ink) & some old sheets, just planted them this spring - some tomatoes tonight. These don't have wooden frames, so more properly, 'mounded.'
I love Peter Chan's old classic 'better gardens the chinese way' for his description of how he & his wife turned their lot into a georgeous garden!!