it is spring after all! all my friends complain about the rain. it's not like we are drowning! it is spring and it rains. it rains for good reason. we need it! we are having the perfect balance of weather and even the weather people on the daily news complain and apologize for it. it is spring!!! it rains and then it gets very sunny. and then it rains again. the temps go up really high and then it gets chilly. i leave the plants outside and take them back inside. i wake in the middle of the night trying to remember if i have neglected some plants. it is spring after all!


Silke said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! You are right, I like your blog a lot! I'll be back often to see what you've been up to... :) Silke
chib said…
It seems you care a lot for people and plants.
That is great!
Skulls on garden!! Interesting!
We finally got some rain over here now and we sure need it! Thanks to the cooler weather the spring will stay a bit longer and that I like. But I have had to start warm up my cottage again, but it´s always nice with a fire in the stove :-)