Witches and Witch-like Things

This happens every spring. The tree peonies pop up early. It is exciting to see them grow so fast. They get buds. The buds start to open and then...RAIN! It totally ruins the blooms....bummer!

Click on the following pics for much better views!

Kitchen things
My salt cellars are cauldrons.

The Green Man Spellbook
These are the chapter pages.

Witch trophies

A very rare Royal Worchester witch

Royal Doulton witch. This is a new item that they released about 6 years ago.


Pricilla said…
Uhm, for exactly what does one get a witch trophey?
cool statues....
Laura said…
that happens to my old english rose blooms every time...

love the idea of cauldrons for your salt and also love the book!
Sarah said…
LOL my question too - what exactly do you do to earn a witchy trophy - giggle!1 Stunning BOS!!! Fun stuff. I love peonies - but not the ants they attract! Have a wonderful Friday, Sarah
peppylady said…
April was pretty dry and May looking a little better. It actual pretty dry here.

We have the bush peony here not the tree ones.

Coffee is on.
jaz said…
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jaz said…
i received the trophies for being the world best witch....mere mortals get them for wining 1st prize at halloween costume balls!
Anonymous said…
great site! cool stuff!
idrawpix said…
Jaz, you are the most prolific person! I can see why you won all those trophies! You are the best witch. You cook, garden, photo your collections, and post it all for us to see. I'm having a difficult time keeping up this you!! BUT, I am not complaining! Love, love, love to visit.
Touchatou said…
Hi dear ! Is that book one of your design ? I see you have a particular liking for that little grren guy. It is an exquisite book : the cover and drawings are amazing.
You certainly deserve the best witch trophy ! Have a nice day !
Zan Asha said…
I agree, I love the book--also the cauldrons :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am so glad to visit yours! The spellbook is just lovely as are your witches!