Witches and Macro Lens (for really good pictures click on each pic)

Fitz and Floyd witch cookie jar

Witch tea pot with black cat handle

This little witch is marked Unieboek, B.V. 1979

Pewter witch hat and broom candle snuffer

German die cast black cat

Mushroom in the herbs...

Chick and Hens

Cranes bill

Ladies Mantle flower

Strawberry blossom


Chive flower

Thousands of these roses are blooming now. I almost dug these bushes out in early spring. Now I am glad I didn't.

Dead Nettle flower...wait....this isn't Dead Nettle...I forget what this is!!!!!

Blueberries....I have never seen so many blueberries as I have this year.

Ceramic mushroom chimes in the lower garden.

My favorite....Mountain Laurel blooms.

Paper Bark Maple trunk

Hydrangeas just before blooming....

Bronze planter..unplanted...maybe if I stopped taking pictures I could get some things done!


Snap pea bloom

Snap pea......cool!!!

Red strawberry blossom...not sure why these are red?


LOVE the snuffer -- it's wonderful!
The Seance Room said…
A Macro Lens is so much fun to work with! Great pics. Love the snuffer.
Nydia said…
You have such an amazing colectiuon of flowers and witches! I loved them all, everything so special and unique! Thanks for inviting me to visit your page, I'll surely add it to my blogroll! Let's keep in touch!
Kisses from a Brazilian witch.
magikalseasons said…
Love the cookie jar! Your garden is beautiful too! Are the witch items all yours? If so lucky you great collection!:)
Pricilla said…
The 1979 witch sure looks like she has her 'tude on! And I love the cookie jar!

You are getting good with your macro!
Anonymous said…
Hi, it's so nice you found my blog, now I could visit yours too and I have had a great time browsing your posts. I love your collections and the Practicasl Magic book is very special !!
The little figurine marked unieboek 1979 isn't a witch though. It is Dutch and it is the wife of David de kabouter ( David the gnome), very popular here in The Netherlands in the seventies and eighties. David and his world were drawn by the Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet. There was a cartoon series about him too. I've got one of his books about the gnomes. It is a lovely figurine. The little gnome women are so nice to look at ; ) Good luck with collecting and I will visit again soon, because I love your site !!!
Prospero said…
Hi Jaz. That's a pretty interesting hobby.

Regarding my camera: it's a 4.7 megapixel camera. Two months ago I nearly bought a 12 megapix Canon Rebel. It has everything. It's a Canon. It's great in low-light, it's lightweight, it has a bunch of fancy settings and features, great image quality.

Then I saw some sample pictures. Next I looked at the samples from this 4 megapix job. There was no contest. These pictures looked like they came from a film camera. The Canon pictures looked like they came from a digital camera.

The camera is from a manufacturer that doesn't even make cameras - they make lenses. So I bought the Sigma SD14 with a Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS Zoom Lens. It's not for everybody. It's heavy, it's not a point and shoot, has only rudimentary features, it's terrible in low-light. But I love it. Can you tell?

I like those ceramic mushrooms. And I see your dog. One bite and he'd swallow up my angel (4 pounds!)

What kind of camera did you get recently?
Touchatou said…
All those flowers ! It's marvelous. The scents must be everywhere !

And don't stop taking pictures, please ! lol
chib said…
That witch cattle!!!!
chib said…
Thanks Jaz, that is me, most people they dont know me by face. I will visit your blog to see new posts
Hi Jaz, I love to come and see your pictures as you post them . So beautiful and your garden is gorgeous. You came by my blog and asked where I sell my work (witch ornaments). I sell a lot on eBay and there is a link there you can check. However, I send out a email newsletter to my customer list and sell most of my work outright right away. If you would like to be on my list, please come by my blog and email me your email address and I will be glad to add you to my list. It is strictly for that purpose and I don't give out peoples email addresses. Thank you for your interest and I love your witch collection! Tammy
MedaM said…
Thank you for visiting my blog and gave me a chance to found out yours. Your witch’s collection is really interesting and your flowers are really beautiful. I enjoyed all the photos that you posted.
William Bezek said…
I think you've got a Gnome spy in your Witch Coven, 3rd down. Love the Garden.
SeeThroughGreen said…
oh wow! great pics! I love the one of the mushroom! Its so simple but so beautiful! You have already gotten better with your pictures from the last post! Great job!